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MARKINC Ministries

MARKINC Ministries

Non-Profit / Church

About Us

BEAUTY FROM BROKENESS: Chuck and Sharon Betters’ world was turned upside down when they received the dreaded phone call that their 16 year old son, Mark and his friend Kelly were killed in a tragic car accident. They didn’t know if their hearts would keep beating, but God held them tightly in His grip. Often their encouragement came from others who were willing to help by stepping into the darkness and reminding them that God is sovereign and you can trust Him.

That was the beginning of MARKINC, an acronym for “Making Abundant Riches Known In the Name of Christ” in honor of their son. The desire of this non-profit is to come alongside others who are hurting just as people further down the road in their grief journey had done for them. While the roots of this ministry were started in a painful, broken place, there has been tremendous beauty that has resulted in the help and hope that has been shared with millions of people around the world.

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