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Asabasa Spice Co.

Asabasa Spice Co.

Spice Company

About Us

We share your passion for spices. We understand how much you love backyard grilling. Cooking up original dishes in the kitchen lights your fire. We get that.

We know how much you want to make your next meal an exceptional one. That same dedication to culinary creativity has always been our inspiration.

Most seasoning options on grocery shelves are mass-produced. Their quality doesn't meet your high standards. Freshness can be hit-and-miss. Additives that prolong shelf life compromise ingredients that should be part of the nutrition and good health you routinely stock in your pantry.

With a focus on rubs for smoking and grilling, we've engineered a process that sets us apart from other suppliers. All our spices start with the highest quality ingredients available. We blend limited batches, immediately bottle and seal the savory results and carefully track stock so that you always receive the freshest possible product.

If you love the taste of a great micro-brew, imagine the irresistible flavors of recipes elevated by a generous shake of small-batch spices. Picture the smiles around your grill as you slow-smoke a backyard classic rubbed with one of our one-of-a-kind seasonings.

Making those experiences real for you makes us successful at what we do. We're all about unique, gourmet blends you simply can't find anywhere else.

Please know that we don't small-batch our unique seasonings for everyone. We craft our special spice blends for you so that you can make your next meal an exceptional one.


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